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Lost Dragon Ladies, Missing Cars, And Hedy Lamarr

Each week the HODINKEE team members gather their favorite finds from around the internet and recommend them to you right here. These are not articles about watches, but rather outstanding examples of journalism and storytelling covering topics from fashion and art to technology and travel. So go ahead, pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and settle in.


Bombshell, The Hedy Lamarr Story ?Netflix

In this day and age of being able to Google almost anyone, I love coming across overlooked thinkers, artists, and inventors whose work laid the foundation for our modern world. There's a good documentary that lives (probably) in a very deep corner of your Netflix library about the ever fascinating Hedy Lamarr. At the height of her Hollywood career she was the industry's most beautiful, influential and sought-after actress, but it was her natural brilliance as an inventor that eventually changed the world. Her inventions and patents in military communications technology during World War II led to what is now modern day GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

?David Aujero, Video Producer

Inside the Twisted, Worldwide Hunt for a $7 Million Stolen Car ?Esquire

Things go missing all the time. But helping you find your keys, or recovering a stolen cell-phone isn't quite the same as what Joe Ford does for a living. No, Joe Ford has a "niche of a niche" job as a private investigator on the hunt for the world's most expensive stolen vehicles. The Talbot-Lago T150C SS "Teardrop" is perhaps the most beautiful car I've ever seen, and, valued at over $7 million, it's also one of the most expensive. This Esquire profile gives a glimpse into Joe's world and his years-long hunt for this rolling piece of art.

?Bradley Slavin, Advertising Manager

"I Have No Choice But To Keep Looking" ?The New York Times Magazine

The 2011 earthquake in Japan unleashed a devastating tsunami, which wrought incredible havoc, especially in the coastal region of northern Japan. The repercussions and consequences of the tsunami continue to reverberate through the affected communities, and to some, grief and loss are inconsolable thanks to the fact that remains of their lost loved ones have never been found. In 'I Have No Choice But To Keep Looking,' New York Times author Jennifer Percy tells the story of one bereaved father for whom the search for his daughter has taken on a very personal dimension. The story is from 2016, but the grief is ageless. A powerful story and not to be read lightly.

?Jack Forster, Editor-In-Chief

In 1962, A Lost U-2 Spy Plane Nearly Triggered World War III ?Jalopnik.com

Arguably the most prolific spy plane ever to take to the (very high) skies, while the longstanding Lockheed U-2 may lack the endless superlatives of the incredible SR-71, the "Dragon Lady" has an impressive history flying for everyone from NASA to the USAF and even the CIA. With more than a handful of U-2s still service today, this story from Jalopnik's military-focused wing, Foxtrot Alpha, looks at a remarkable story involving a downed U-2 (not the one you're likely thinking of) and how the scenario nearly resulted in full-scale war between Cuba, Russia, and The United States. It's a story of lost spy planes, scrambled fighter jets carrying nuclear weapons, and building stress between seemingly twitchy world powers. Given the non-nuclear outcome, this is solid weekend reading.

?James Stacey, Senior Writer

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