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Los Angeles Laker Anthony Davis Wearing An Apple fake watch While Warming Up For Game 1 Of The NBA Finals ADVERTISEMENT

The NBA Finals have arrived ?in October, of all months ?with the Los Angeles Lakers taking on the surprise Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat. Now, if anybody out there has been watching the games, maybe you have seen some of the coaches on the sidelines sporting a host of cool pieces, ranging from G-Shock to Replica Rolex. Heck, some coaches (I won't name names) have forgone replica watches entirely, in favor of the Walt Disney World NBA-branded bracelet, used to access their hotel rooms ?an iconic look unto itself.

But I am not here to talk about coaches, but rather a player. This is not just any player, but the "Brow" himself ?Anthony Davis. The same Anthony Davis who, in Game 1, joined the pantheon of Laker greats with his 34-point output in his NBA Finals debut ?in a Lakers victory. In addition to all of those things, Davis also appears to wear a fake watch when he warms up ?and an Apple Watch, no less.

We don't often see basketball players wearing replica watches on the court ?and never during an official game ?which is why it is so interesting to see the superstar sporting one on the court inside the Walt Disney World bubble. Davis appears to be wearing an Apple fake watch on a Nike Edition Sport Band.

Davis pictured talking to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo: Anthony Davis Instagram

Without a clear view of the dial, I can't be sure if he is utilizing one of the litany of fitness and health-based features the Apple fake watch provides, or if he just likes to know the time while on the hardwood. In the age of analytics, there is no shortage of information that can be used by an athlete to gain a competitive edge, and the Apple fake watch is more than capable of providing such data.

Davis is no stranger to the Apple ecosystem either. Last year (just prior to this ?the longest NBA season in history), he posted a photo on his Instagram of himself and Apple CEO Tim Cook at an Apple Keynote event. To be fair, in that same Instagram, Davis also posted a wrist shot of him rocking a solid gold AP Royal Oak Chronograph. Getting back to the Apple fake watch though, it is very cool to see an elite athlete, at the prime of his career, wearing one on his wrist while working on his craft. For those who appreciate the idea of a tool watch, this looks to be the modern personification of one in action.

Davis wearing a solid gold AP Royal Oak Chronograph. Photo: Anthony Davis Instagram

It's certainly worth noting that HODINKEE Talking replica watches alum Andre Iguodala is on the Heat in this year's Finals ?in his sixth consecutive appearance, so there is no shortage of watch-related intrigue at play here. As things stand, the Lakers lead the Miami Heat, 1-0, in the best-of-seven series, with the next game scheduled for October 2. You can catch Davis, and Iguodala, as they face off for the Larry O'Brien Trophy on ABC for the next couple of weeks. Let us know in the comments if you have spotted any other replica watches in the NBA bubble.

Lead photo: (also appearing in the article) Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

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